AloeMoist and Your Skin

We all want to keep our skin as healthy and youthful looking as possible. AloeMoist represents a breakthrough in skin reparation, health and beauty.

The magical properties of Aloe Vera in maintaining the skin have been known for centuries. AloeMoist's perfect blend of organic Aloe Vera and select herbs, vitamins, oils and other natural ingredients is what gives it, according to customer testimonials, it‟s rare ability to hydrate, nourish, repair and keep your skin soft and youthful looking.

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Healing Effects of Aloe Vera

Science has proved that Barbadensis Miller aloe actually increases the speed of cell division causing new healthy skin to be produced at an accelerated rate. It has the ability to penetrate completely into the skin taking with it all the moisture and healing enzymes. Creating a molecular barrier between the skin and the surrounding air thus reducing dehydration of the skin and locking all the moisture and goodness within.

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More On the Magic of Aloe Barbadensis Miller

All Aloe is Aloe Vera right? Nope. Turns out there are several hundred different species of aloe in existence. Out of all these different plants, only four are recognized as being of nutritional value to humans or animals, and Aloe Barbadensis Miller (pronounced bar ba den sis) is the most potent and nutritious of these four with the mature plants bearing the greatest benefits.

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